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A video blog (VLOG) featuring Dr. Derek Haley of the University of Guelph reporting on his research findings in calf health, welfare and the use of automatic calf feeders.

Video clip on Twitter featuring Dr. Christine Baes and the Efficient Dairy Genome Project. Cow burps actually emit more carbon than cow farts.

Virtual Tour of the Elora Dairy Facility, U of Guelph.

My Dairy Research in 180 seconds (Lameness and Health Issues, Meagan King – dir. Trevor DeVries), 03:06

Management practices and calf health using group housing and automated calf feeders. (Winning entry in the 2018 Dairy Research Symposium, Catalina Medrano-Galarza – dir. D. Haley). 03:07

My Dairy Research in 180 seconds (Manual vs automated feeding of calves, C. Medrano-Galarza – dir. D. Haley), 03:16

Saputo Dairy Care Program, 03:33

Scoring dairy cow hock, knee and neck condition (SPARK Office). 04:55

Robot milker in UofG’s LRIC, 02:17

Semex Immunity+™ at Schwab Dairy, 01:02

High Immune Response Technology with Bonnie Mallard, 05:15

Meet Prof Trevor DeVries, 01:06

Meet Prof Christine Baes, 01:11

FARE – The Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Guelph, 02:27

Biosensor for Detecting Dairy Cow Metabolic Diseases, 03:14

Johne’s disease prevention, 01:16

Dairy Focus Farm Groups, 04:23

Environment – Reducing emissions in dairy barns – Claudia Wagner-Riddle, 03:45

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