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Dr. Stephen LeBlanc, DVM, DVSc

Director, Dairy at Guelph

Professor at the Ontario Veterinary College, Department of Population Medicine

Faculty Page

Dr. LeBlanc is a veterinarian and professor working in dairy cattle health management. He received a BSc(Agr) in Animal Science from McGill University in 1992, and later a DVM (in 1997) and DVSc (in 2001) from the University of Guelph. After five years of private practice in veterinary medicine, he joined the faculty at OVC. His research focus is dairy cattle health and performance. His most significant contributions have been in the area of dairy cattle reproduction, specifically in improving reproductive performance through better prevention and treatment of reproductive disease and development of reproductive management programs. In addition to reproductive research, he investigates metabolic health in peripartum dairy cows. In particular, his research program seeks to integrate applied physiology of the peripartum period with prevention of reproductive and metabolic disease. The components of his research program have the common goal of addressing the interactions of applied energy metabolism, reproductive physiology, and management in the context of production economics. He collaborates extensively with colleagues in his department and in other institutions, with a research approach that integrates animal science, applied physiology, nutrition with veterinary medicine. Specifically, his research seeks to link epidemiology, metabolism, reproductive physiology, and immune function into applied management practices that support animal health, productivity, and welfare.

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