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Bottle feeding a calf.

Access peer-based learning resources to support improved animal welfare

ACER Consulting has developed tools to support farmers in improving dairy cattle welfare across Ontario including fact sheets, case studies and podcast resources now available for download.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) commissioned ACER Consulting to assess how Ontario dairy farms have changed over time, identify those that have shown significant improvement in their proAction Assessments and capture their stories on how they achieved success to showcase best practices and practical examples for improving animal care.

The goal was to combine farmer success stories with summaries of relevant scientific literature to provide tools to support farmers in improving dairy cattle welfare across Ontario.

The final outputs from this project include:

  • An invited review synthesizing the latest evidence on best practices for preventing, controlling, and treating lameness and injuries in dairy cattle
  • Case studies and podcasts based on interviews with Ontario dairy farmers and their advisors
  • A technical fact sheet for Ontario producers and veterinarians to help demonstrate how they can similarly tackle these issues

Learn more about the project and access resources.

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