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Participation wanted: Barriers associated with the uptake of education programs developed for dairy producers

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) PhD student, Havie Carter, is looking for producers to participate in a study exploring the barriers associated with the uptake of education programs that have been created for dairy producers. Havie also plans to explore how education programs created for dairy producers can be improved to increase their use.

Participation will be done in 60-minute focus group sessions with other dairy producers. Producers that choose to participate will be known to the other focus group members. To protect your anonymity and confidentiality, the only research team members that will have access to identifying information will be Havie, Dr. David Renaud and a professional transcriptionist.

If you’re interested in participating, please email Havie Carter directly at

This project has received funding from the Dairy Farmers of Canada and has been reviewed by the Research Ethics Board for compliance with federal guidelines for research involving human participants.

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