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June 3, 2020

Congratulations to Michael Steele for winning the ADSA Foundation Scholar Award in Dairy Production!

Michael Steele is an alumnus of U of Guelph. He currently is a professor at U of Guelph in Animal Biosciences and a member of Dairy at Guelph.

June 24, 2020

Congratulations to Lautaro Rostoll Cangiano who got elected as vice-president of the ADSA Graduate Student Division for 2020-2021!

Lautaro is a PhD student at U of Guelph in Animal Biosciences and a member of Dairy at Guelph.

June 24, 2020

Congratulations to the University of Guelph student winners at the 2020 ADSA annual meeting!

Felipe Padua: Peoples choice Award for 3-min thesis

Vicki Brisson: Poster Award (3rd place)

Robert Matson: Paper Award (1st)

May 19, 2020

Helping the dairy sector mitigate the impact of COVID-19

Published online in



May 13, 2020

Dairy cow teat condition scoring

Published online in



May 9, 2020

Name that bug… What causes mastitis in Canada?

Published online in



April 27, 2020

Congratulations to the Dairy at Guelph student members who received 2020 OVC Graduate Student Awards:

  • Care-a-thon Animal Welfare Research Scholarship – Julie Saraceni, Population Medicine
  • J.J. (Jack) Andrich Graduate Prize in Large Animal Infectious Disease – Jamie Imada, Population Medicine
  • Population Medicine Award for Academic Excellence – Sydney Pearce, Population Medicine
  • Professor Jeanne L. Burton Animal Health Scholarship – Bruna Mion, Animal Biosciences



April 27, 2020

U of Guelph: All University and community events on campus have been cancelled until July 1, 2020.



April 20, 2020

Can your pets get coronavirus, and can you catch it from them?

Professor Jan Sargeant, member of Dairy at Guelph, is one of the three authors of this article.

Published online in The Conversation (Canada)



April 3, 2020

A Thought on Dumping Milk During COVID-19

Published online in FoodFocus (U of Guelph) by Prof. Michael von Massow, member of Dairy at Guelph.



April 7, 2020

Canadian dairy farmers dumping their milk as demand changes amid coronavirus pandemic.

Published online by Global News



March 17, 2020

CDX 2020 will not take place as planned on April 1-2.  It has been postponed until a date yet to be determined. Please consult their home page for more information.



March 2020

ProAction highlights dairy’s commitment to responsible and sustainable farming.

Published in Progressive Dairy (Canada), March 2020 issue



February 2020

Encyclopedia reveals milk composition.

An online tool launched by U of Alberta, called the Milk Composition Database (MCDB), is available for free to access information about the composition of milk and information about the compounds.

Published in the February, 2020,  issue of The Milk Producer



February 2020

New herd management software.

Free online software called Compass.

Published in the February, 2020,  issue of The Milk Producer



February 10, 2020

Building resilience in dairy farming

Published online in



January 2, 2020

OAC Dean Rene Van Acker quoted about precision agriculture in a CTV News article.

Published online by CTV News, January 2, 2020

December 12, 2019

Dairy School: Focusing on calf health reduces mortality

Dr. David Renaud talks about calf health in a Dairy School video.

Published online in Real Agriculture.



December 2019

A New Website by Farm management Canada

Published in Milk Producer, December 2019 issue, p. 22


October 9, 2019

Farmer mental health a concern as harvest hurdles continue

Article with mention and comments from Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton, of U. of Guelph, member of Dairy at Guelph.

Published October 9 online in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix



October 8, 2019

A look at trade impacts on Canada’s dairy industry

Published July 31 online in Progressive Dairy Canada.



September 13, 2019

@DairyatGuelph grad students are at the #aabp2019 conference sharing their research projects results!

Jamie Imada is one of them.



September 1, 2019

Government of Canada invests in Gay Lea Foods to expand and modernize its facility in Teeswater, Ontario.

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



September 1, 2019

The federal government has announced an important investment to the Dairy Research Cluster 3.

The announcement was made at the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) annual general meeting in Saskatoon.

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



September 1, 2019

Pierre Lampron re-elected as president of Dairy farmers of Canada (DFC).

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



September 1, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and Cineplex Media announce partnership to promote real butter.

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



September 1, 2019

On-farm biosecurity and animal care training for Ontario dairy farmers.

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



September 1, 2019

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) recognized internationally for its sustainability practices.

Published in Progressive Dairy Canada, Issue 9, September 2019.



August 28, 2019

U of G Receives $1.5 Million to Enhance Food Literacy Research

Article about the Guelph Family Health Study (GFHS), an initiative that involves Dairy at Guelph faculty members Dr. David MA, co-director, as well as Drs. Andrea Buchholz and Genevieve Newton, co-investigators.

Published online by U of G News



August 26, 2019

Federal Fund Helps Two Dairy Processors maintain productivity and competitiveness to face market changes resulting from CETA.

Published online by



August 16, 2019

Bibeau unveils $1.75B in compensation for dairy farmers harmed by trade deals

Published online on CBC News, August 16, 2019



August 2019

Super Awesome Science Show: Water worries

Amy Greer, Dairy at Guelph member, participated on the Super Awesome Science Show to talk about various factors involved in keep drinkable water safe.

Article by Jason Tetro on the Global News website, August 6, 2019

June 27, 2019

Four members of Dairy at Guelph joined the JDS 100 Club!

(Left to right in the picture) David Kelton, Stephen LeBlanc, Trevor DeVries and Todd Duffield published more than 100 manuscripts in the Journal of Dairy Science.  Only 29 members in this elite group so far.  Ken Leslie (not shown) is also a member – he joined the club 2 years ago.

July 17, 2019

Listeria risk from recalled packaged kale highlights pathogen’s challenge

Article with quotes from Dr. Jeffrey Farber, Director of the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety at the University of Guelph.

Published by CBC News on July 17, 2019.


June 19, 2019

U of G Gets $2.4 Million Via New Canada Research Chairs

Congratulations to Profs Emma Allen-Vercoe, Christine Baes and Amy Greer!

Published online on U of G News, June 19, 2019.

June 2019

Positive pressure air tube ventilation for calf housing

Published online by, June 5, 2019.



May 2019

Deep learning improves mastitis detection in automated milking systems

Published online by, May 29, 2019.



May 2019

Canada’s Ten Thousand Cow Genomes Project

Project involving Dr. Flavio Schenkel, Animal Biosciences, U. of Guelph

Published online by, May 16, 2019.



May 2019

How to safely handle food and avoid salmonella

Article by Dr. Jeffrey M. Farber, Professor of Food Safety and Director of the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS), U. of Guelph

Published online by The Conversation, May 16 2019, updated May 28, 2019.


May 2019

With high stress, anxiety and depression, 40 per cent of Canadian farmers uneasy about seeking help

Contains a quote from Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton , professor in Population Medicine, U of Guelph.

Published in The Globe and Mail, May 20 2019, updated May 20, 2019



May 2019

How climate change could make your food less safe to eat

Contains a quote from Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, professor in Food Safety, U of Guelph.

Published by Global News, May 15, 2019.



May 2019

Dairy at Guelph’s presence at CDX 2019 noted in the Milk Producer

CDX a Flourishing, Bustling Success.

Published in the Dairy News section of  Milk Producer, May 2019, p. 20



April 2019

Dairy consumption in kids.

Research SPARK by Mya Kidson, published in Milk Producer, April 2019, p. 42



April 2019

Federal budget earmarks funding for supply-managed sectors.

Published in Milk Producer, April 2019, p. 8

April 2019

Dairy at Guelph was present at CDX 2019!

Members of Dairy at Guelph, faculty and graduate students, greeted visitors at CDX 2019. They shared information, answered questions about dairy research at the University of Guelph. They also listened to opinions and discussed about issues that producers believe need to be investigated.

April 2019

Congratulations to the U of Guelph team’s success at the Dairy Challenge in Georgia!

Congratulations to UofG’s Dairy Challenge team that competed in Tifton, Georgia this past weekend. Our team did us proud and came home with a second place finish! Congratulations to team members Julie French, Lauren Westerlaken, David Westerveld, and Jenna Wight, pictured here with coaches, Dr. Trevor DeVries and Matt Groen.

Congratulations Casey Havekes for winning 5th place in the poster competition at the 2019 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar (WCDS)!

March 2019,

by Anne Coté

The 2019 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar puts the spotlight on the future of dairy research. 

The student poster competition held at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar in Red Deer, Alberta in March 2019 provided attendees with an exciting look into the future of dairy research.

Contestants are chosen from projects submitted by universities across Canada. This year 18 graduate and post graduate students’ projects were chosen from those submitted to the committee prior to the WCDS. Casey Havekes from the University of Guelph was one of those students. Each student is required to provide a poster describing their project from beginning to end, including their methodology. The posters are displayed in a designated area on the trade floor at the WCDS and the students are present to answer questions and explain their research to anyone who stops by.

The next step in the competition is for judges to choose the top five projects from the display. This year Havekes’ project was one of them and she and four others went on to participate in the formal public competition which includes both visual and oral presentations.

The poster competition has grown in popularity since it began five years ago as an add on to the formal program.  Then the top five students presented their research to a smattering of friends and advisors in a small room, sometime after supper. Now student presentations have been integrated into the regular program and the top five chosen from the poster competition have the opportunity to formally present their work to a large audience comprised of dairy producers, researchers, commercial suppliers, fellow students and judges.  And, like the other scheduled presenters, they are expected to meet a time constraint and answer questions from the audience.

Havekes’ project evaluated the dietary intake (DMI) of cows from the dry cow phase through  the transition to pre calving and then post calving. The quantity and quality of the cows’ milk was measured based on the length of the chopped straw they were given and how much of it they ingested.

Havekes received a fifth place standing in the final judging but she says the competition was a fantastic learning experience and one she’ll never forget.

“I’m just so grateful to have this opportunity,” she said.

Anne Coté
B.A. Communications
Cell/text: 1-204-771-5746
Phone: 1-204-255-3212
Twitter: @AnneCote2

January 2019

Congratulations Stephen LeBlanc for being named to the prestigious Clarivate Analytics list of “Highly Cited Researchers” for 2018!!

The list, published annually, includes researchers ranking in the top one per cent by citations for field and publication year. In addition to teaching veterinary and agriculture students and providing clinical farm service, Professor LeBlanc studies transition dairy cow metabolic and reproductive health and management, including field validation of precision technologies.

Article in The Crest, Winter 2019 Issue, p. 5

Dr. Stephen LeBlanc

November, 2018

The 2018 Dairy Research and Innovation Day was a resounding success.

Guelph, ON, Canada. November 21, 2018 – More than 100 people from industry, government and university met for great presentations and lively dicsussions.

Go check the keynote lecture, given by Dr. Jack Britt, about his vision of the future for Canadian dairy cows and barns. Click on this link here, or

in the event’s page in the RESOURCES section of the Home Page menu.

Dairy At Guelph

April 11, 2019

Forget Smart Cities (for a Minute), We Need to Talk About Smart Farms

Published in The Conversation



March 31, 2019

A grocery store ‘lab’ points to future trends in how you buy food

CBC Radio interview with Dr. Mike von Massow, posted on CBC website



February 20, 2019

Why humans have evolved to drink milk

Published in BBC Future



February 7, 2019

Canada’s dairy sector expected to remain profitable as import market starts to expand

Published online in



February 5, 2019

New surveillance network aims to serve Canada’s cow-calf industry

Article that mentions work by Dr. Jessica Gordon at OVC.

Published online in Real Agriculture



February 4, 2019

Federal science minister in Guelph as researchers receive $1.5 million

Mention of projects by Dairy at Guelph members in OVC and OAC.

Published online in Global News.


February 4, 2019

Farm groups to shine light on mental health

Article that mentions work by Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton at OVC.

Published in The Observer



January 24, 2019

Research Supports the Benefits of Dairy

Article that reiterates the proven health benefits of dairy, in view of its integration with other “protein food” in the new Food Guide from Health Canada.

Published online in



January 2019

Analyzing Antimicrobials – Creating a NEW network of knowledge

Dr. Jan Sargeant, member of Dairy at Guelph, is involved in ground-breaking research that uses network meta-analysis. The goal is to identify the best evidence-based treatment and management practices that will help to achieve a prudent and effective use of antimicrobials in four livestock groups.

Published in The Crest, Winter 2019 issue, p. 7



January 2019

Dark Day in the history of dairy farming in Canada

Article about the specific effects of USMCA on the Canadian dairy industry, and its cumulative consequences when added to other recent trade deals like CETA and CPTPP.

Dated December 3, 2018. Published online in



January 2019

Benchmarking the Dairy Industry

A SPARK article about the results of the National Dairy Study, recently released and available on its website.

Published in Milk Producer, January 2019 issue, p. 38



January 2019

CBC Radio Host to Speak at Ontario Dairy Symposium

Southwestern Dairy Symposium: February 21, 2019. Woodstock, ON.

Published in Milk Producer, January 2019 issue, p. 17



January 2019

Canadian Dairy: A Year in Review

Published in Progressive Dairyman – Canada, January 20189 issue, p. 6



January 2019

Guide to Udder Health released for Dairy Goats

Published in Progressive Dairyman – Canada, January 2019 issue, p. 33

September, 2018

Congratulations Todd Duffield – 2018 Metacam® 20* Bovine Welfare Award Winner

Phoenix, Arizona, September 13, 2018 – Dr. Todd Duffield of Guelph, Ontario was named the recipient of the 2018 Metacam® 20 Bovine Welfare Award for his profound and lasting impact on the well-being of the bovine species. His contributions include an extraordinary commitment to scientific research, teaching, extension education and the mentorship of veterinary students and new scientists.

July, 2018

Congratulations Filippo Miglior – 2018 ASAS Rockefeller Prentice Award Winner

World-renowned animal geneticist Dr. Filippo Miglior has been awarded the 2018 Rockefeller Prentice Award in animal genetics, awarded by the American Society of Animal Science. Miglior has dedicated his career to the global dairy industry, and is Chief, Research and Strategic Development at the Canadian Dairy Network, and an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph.

July, 2018

Congratulations Flavio Schenkel – 2018 J. L. Lush Award Winner

Dr. Flavio Schenkel was the 2018 recipient of the J. L. Lush Award in Animal Breeding, presented by the American Dairy Science Association during the Annual Meeting in Knoxville, TN. The J. L. Lush Award was created to recognize outstanding research in animal breeding.  Dr. Flavio Schenkel is a professor of dairy cattle breeding and genomics at the University of Guelph. He is also a faculty member of the Bioinformatics Program and the Director of the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (CGIL).

December 12, 2018

Video Blog : Derek Haley on Calf Health

Posted on the Dairy Research Blog of the Canadian Dairy Research Cluster. A link to the video is also provided in our “Videos” sub-section of the “Resources” section on the Dairy at Guelph website. Dr. Derek Haley is a faculty member of Dairy at Guelph.



December 13, 2018

Animal neglect linked to mental health

Published on The Western Producer. The article features an interview with Dr. Andria Bitton-Jones, a faculty member of Dairy at Guelph.



December 4, 2018

Canadian Bio-Systems launches new ‘Yeast Bioactives’ feed technology

Published on



December 2018

Top 2018 online articles from Progressive Dairyman Canada.



October 2018

MASTITIS THERAPIES Identifying effective mastitis therapies could improve dairy health

“Research SPARK” article in The Milk Producer about a systematic review and network meta-analysis project conducted by Drs. Jan Sargeant and Charlotte Winder at the University of Guelph.



October 26, 2018

Mastitis TV: Dairy farmers, researchers turning to social media for knowledge sharing

Posted on realagriculture.



October 18, 2018

Crop struggles can hurt mental health

Dr Andria Jones-Bitton, from Dairy at Guelph, is mentioned in this article published in The Western Producer.



October 7, 2018

Parmalat to acquire Kraft’s natural cheese division for $1.62B

CBC News



October 2018


Identifying effective mastitis therapies could improve dairy health

Published in The Milk Producer: October 2018 Issue.



October, 2018

Cheese Fights Antibiotic Resistance in Urinary Tract Infections

Published in SPLASH!® milk science update: October 2018 Issue



October 2, 2018

Prof’s Biopeptide Technology Garners U of G Innovation Award

Dr. Mansell Griffiths joined U of G in 1990 as the Dairy Farmers of Ontario/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Dairy Microbiology in the Department of Food Science. He is now professor emeritus and Chief Scientific Officer of MicroSintesis.



October 1, 2018

Ultrasound can detect lung problems in dairy calves earlier

Published in Farmtario, August 24, 2018



October 1, 2018

Nearly half Canada’s farmers are highly stressed, survey finds

Published in iPolitics, October 1, 2018



September 27, 2018

Prof Addresses House of Commons

Prof. Andria Jones-Bitton, a professor of epidemiology in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, was invited to share her expertise on farming and mental health as part of a panel discussion before the House of Commons standing committee on agriculture and agri-food on Sept. 27.



September 2018

National Dairy Study benchmarks health across Canada  (dairy herds)

Published in Progressive Dairyman (Canada), Issue 9, September 2018, p. 7



September 2018

Highlights in Dairy Research 2017-2018  from Dairy Farmers of Canada

Published in Progressive Dairyman (Canada), Issue 9, September 2018, p. 7

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