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Dairy at Guelph Mission Statement and Fundamental Goals

Mission Statement

Improve the level of dairy research and outreach at the University of Guelph through enhanced networking and collaboration between all Faculty whose expertise bear on dairy research in any way.

In other words, develop Dairy at Guelph as a tool that will support the efforts of the scientists to improve the overall connectivity of research and outreach already being generated from the University of Guelph dairy community.

Goals to Fulfill the Mission

Enhance cross-faculty contacts and collaborations between all U of Guelph scientists whose expertise and research interests bear on any aspect of dairy research.

Increase the number of collaborative grants acquired by members of Dairy at Guelph.

Maintain and expand visibility and outreach so that Dairy at Guelph is known by any member of the public or external organizations as the place to go for information, experts or specialized services in that field.

Provide a single portal at the University of Guelph for anyone (external stakeholders, faculty from other universities, journalists…)  looking for expertise in any field of dairy research and services.

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