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Dr. David Kelton

Dr. David Kelton named University Professor Emeritus

The University of Guelph conferred one of its highest honours on Dr. David Kelton. The recently retired professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) was made University Professor Emeritus in recognition of his achievements as a scholar and his leadership in the dairy industry.

Kelton has dedicated 30 years of his career working with the dairy industry and improving veterinary education and research at OVC.

Research on dairy cattle epidemiology

Kelton joined OVC in 1994 and made remarkable contributions to dairy and veterinary science. He was a founder of Dairy at Guelph, the university’s research centre for dairy innovation. In his time as a professor, Kelton published more than 290 scientific papers and was awarded more than $7 million in research funding. He has advised or co-advised more than 40 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers studying dairy cattle health, notably related to mastitis and milk quality, infectious disease, and antimicrobial stewardship. He taught epidemiology and dairy courses to a generation of graduate and DVM students.

Commitment to the dairy industry

Kelton connected epidemiology with veterinary medicine to solve problems and advance practice. His research built Canada’s first National Dairy Study, a provincial program for control of Johne’s disease, and projects that address biosecurity and antibiotic resistance. His expertise is sought after locally and abroad, and he served on many councils, boards, and other industry panels.

He held the Dairy Farmers of Ontario research chair in dairy cattle health, was a board member of the International Dairy Federation, and helped lead the scientific committee of the Canadian Mastitis Network. Kelton was one of a very few veterinarians selected as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. He served as president of the National Mastitis Council and is one of only two Canadians to receive the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Award of Excellence.

As emeritus professor, Dr. Kelton will remain actively involved in research and mentorship.

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