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Dairy cow standing in a field.

Applications now open for the Dr. Helen Leitch Dairy Development Scholarship

Dairy at Guelph is now accepted applications to the Dr. Helen Leitch Dairy Development Scholarship. Interested students should submit a three-minute video targeting a potential development partner, describing and showing how your dairy-related research has the potential to benefit people or animals in a country or territory eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA).

Video requirements

The video should speak to development organizations in the target areas and illustrate how your results could be implemented to improve dairy production or foods in low-resource environments. The video should include actionable information, not only context or possibilities. The video should be ready to share with development organizations, with a concise and compelling pitch of how your research outputs can be applied.

What to submit

Please include:

  • One-page CV
  • One-page summary of your research plan and how you will apply and mobilize your research in support of development in the targeted location

Selection process

Selection will be based on the strongest relevance of research and potential beneficial impact on a developing country, as defined by the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), or its peoples.

Graduate students registered full-time in any program whose research focuses on dairy and its application to international development are eligible.

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