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Services relevant to dairy offered by the University of Guelph

Agriculture and Food Laboratory (AFL)

Dairy Testing Services.

The Agriculture & Food Laboratory (AFL) proudly serves the Ontario Dairy Industry by providing analytical test results for payment, regulatory and research purposes. With over 40 years of experience, our proficiency and scope in dairy testing is of the highest standard. Using approved and accredited methods, we can test your products at our premium milk testing laboratory including:

  • Raw Milk(bovine, goat, sheep) and;
  • Processed Milk Products(bovine, goat, sheep).


Animal Health Laboratory (AHL)

AHL aims to be the partner of choice for government and universities in Canada, for agriculture, food safety, and animal health testing. They also aim to be a leader in providing high-value laboratory services to the private sector in selected niche markets.


  • AHL-Guelph provides a wide range of veterinary laboratory tests in their specialty areas of: anatomic pathology, histotechnology and immunohistochemistry, bacteriology, clinical pathology, immunology/serology, molecular biology, mycoplasmology, parasitology, toxicology, and virology.
  • AHL-Kemptville provides anatomic pathology services and case coordination, and forward specimens to AHL-Guelph for additional testing as required.

The AHL provides reports and consultations to support veterinary practitioners, their primary client group. They keep their Vet-clients apprised of AHL current activities, lab-based animal disease events and disease trends, by way of the quarterly AHL Newsletter.

They also serve as the central source of provincial animal disease trend information. Changes in the patterns of existing disease, or the appearance of a new disease, are communicated to veterinarians, producers and industry groups. Laboratorians at the AHL are vigilant regarding surveillance for foreign animal diseases and zoonotic diseases.


Guelph Food Innovation Centre (GFIC)

The Guelph Food Innovation Centre (GFIC) offers research services to the food industry that are crucial in driving safety, quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness needed for products to be competitive in the marketplace.

The GFIC houses many resources under one roof, giving food manufactures the help they need to get their products into production. The GFIC research pilot plants, analytical unit and level 2 biosecurity facility are located in Guelph’s Agri-Food hub.

The GFIC will work with you to plan and execute tailor made solutions to your product and process development challenges. After a project consultation, they will form an interdisciplinary team to work with you.

Technical Services

  • Product Development
  • Analytical Testing

Food Safety and Quality

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