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Dairy at Guelph is a cross-faculty group that was created by professors who want to improve contacts and communications amongst all University of Guelph research teams that conduct research work related to dairy. We also aim to make all of the dairy research and expertise concentrated at the University of Guelph more visible and easily accessible to any external stakeholder or information end-user from dairy farms, producer associations, government agencies and industry.

Dairy at Guelph strives to increase the general public’s awareness for the tremendous amount of research related to dairy that is being done at the University of Guelph. That research explores a wide variety of fields such as animal health and welfare, genetics & genomics, food science, food safety, human health & nutrition, economics, business & management, environmental sciences, computer sciences and engineering.

Dr. John Cant

Professor at the Ontario Agricultural College, Department of Animal Biosciences

Dr. Cant’s team studies the physiological and biochemical regulation of milk synthesis in dairy cows, and the metabolic consequences of cows’ milk consumption in animals. The lab also studies health implications for humans of consuming milk components in the diet, particularly in relation to insulin sensitivity. Visit Dr. Cant webpage.

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